Saturday, September 29, 2007

The unstoppable Heavies

I've been spending too much time playing TF2 recently, despite having loads of work and lots of other really quite significant games I could be playing instead.

An interesting encounter on PC Gamer's server last night: Team LOL, including Richard, decided that they would all play one class per round, resulting in offences composed exclusively of Scouts, Pyros, etc.

It ended predictably: all-Scouts were whittled away on 2Fort by entirely standard tactics, all-Engineers held that factory level for quite a while but fell to massed Spies in their midst, and all-Spies perished almost immediately in an unending whirl of flame. Worryingly, however, all-Heavies and all-Demomen proved almost unstoppable. Could it be that TF2 is susceptible to monoculture?


Richard said...

Don't forget the Medics, with the Circle of Passive Resistance. Everyone standing around the CP healing each other and-

Oh, wait. That was a massacre...


Anonymous said...

This is a very nice experiment that you mentioned there! Still, I think class balances will be tweaked so it's not that bad. I should try that on my server, we just signed up for colocation service from Nationwide Bandwidth