Saturday, June 14, 2008

Low-Budget Remakes of Hollywood Movies Set In The Towns In Which I Grew Up

The Bournemouth Identity
Poole Harbour
The Passion of Christchurch
The Sword in Parkstone
The Sway


Al said...

Nice. Please can I suggest 'John Carpenter's Escape From New Milton'?

Where exactly did you spend your formative years? This post includes the only online reference to Sway I've ever seen...


Jon said...

A fine idea, but too fantastical - as you surely know, nobody has ever escaped from New Milton.

And I'm Bournemouth all the way, but I've got friends in Sway so I spent an alarming amount of time there.

Unknown said...

Wow your from Bournemouth? now my favorite OXM editor above monobrow

I would put forward
Oakdale's 11 & 12 & 13

My favorite out of yours was 'Poole Harbour'

Jon said...

Coo, thanks :)

Al said...

Frome With A View?

Iain McC said...

Sheffield of Dreams
Rain Manchester
A Streetcarlisle Named Desire
The Last Woking of Scotland
The Charge of the Lightwater Brigade