Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have both dudes and catastrophes

I'm a project manager now, I'm slowly realising. It's not a career choice I'd recommend, but it has its moments. I recognise trace elements of them in the words of Cornelius:

It's a bit like manning a joystick at Cape Canaveral: lovely equipment, men on task, and always the promise that things which go awry are capable of going so awry that the course of a federal program is altered forever.

Note for the unitiated: Cornelius is a resident of Achewood, an online comic invariably described as being beyond description. It's good, though.


Grill said...

No more writing any more... it's what you came in to the business for, pushing piles of electronic paper back up yer arse. Sorry, jealous over here. :)

Jon said...

Truly, it was my childhood dream to have lots of meetings and CC'd emails. I didn't realise that at the time so my subconscious remapped it to "Being MacGyver," but the parallels are obvious now.